Clean A Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy

Take care when cleaning your Fatboy and it will look good for a long time to come!

Harley-Davidson has always been known for great motorcycles, and one of the most popular motorcycles is the Softail Fatboy. This model looks like a motorcycle from the 1950s with its large fenders, wide body and classic colors. You can clean your Fatboy using standard automotive cleaners provided they do not damage chrome. Check the bottle. If it does not state that it damages chrome, the product is okay to use on your motorcycle.


1. Place the Fatboy on level ground. If you place the bike in your yard, make sure you place something under the kickstand to ensure the kickstand does not sink into the ground as the dirt saturates with water. This prevents the bike from falling over. A crushed soda can works.

2. Place a baggie or plastic wrap over the air filter. Even if your filter is designed to get wet, the driving force of a hose nozzle can force water into your fuel intake.

3. Place a couple drops of automotive soap into a 5-gallon bucket and then fill the bucket with water.

4. Spray the entire bike off with hose water.

5. Apply soapy water onto the bike using a clean cotton cloth or automotive sponge. Start with the top of the bike and work your way down. This includes the painted surfaces and chrome surfaces. Rinse the rag or sponge off and dip it back into the bucket as needed.

6. Spray the soap off the bike using the hose water.

7. Wipe the Fatboy dry using clean cotton beach towels. Beach towels really soak up water and prevent the need of using chrome polish to clean spots off your chrome every time you wash your bike.