Clean An Atv Oil Cooler

ATVs have lots of different uses, from towing a boat around the property to using on a hunting trip with your friends. Since they go off road, parts tend to get dirty easily, including the oil cooler. If the cooler is allowed to stay dirty, then the oil cooler won’t be effective, which can lead to problems with the engine. This process should be done as routine maintenance or when the ATV gets extremely dirty after a big trip.


1. Locate the oil cooler on your ATV. Depending on the make and model, this can be on the side, the rear or front of the vehicle, so look for a small radiator with two hydraulic lines running into it. With low water pressure, use the hose to rinse off any large chunks of dirt from both sides of the oil cooler, just to loosen them up.

2. Spray the automotive degreaser onto both sides of the oil cooler, making sure to saturate it thoroughly with the degreaser. This will break down any grease on the oil cooler as well as any large dirt left over.

3. Determine the direction of air flow on the oil cooler. Whichever side is facing the front of the ATV is the side that receives the air flow, and the opposite side is what you need to focus on. Turn the pressure on the hose up all the way then place your thumb over the end of the hose about halfway, putting a high-pressure burst of water out of the hose. Aim it through the back side of the oil cooler and blow the dirt out from the back towards the front of the oil cooler. Using low pressure water, rinse off any residue left on your ATV then let the oil cooler air-dry.