Clean Harleydavidson Mag Wheels

As you ride on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, the mag wheels encounter dirt, puddles and road tar, which can make them extremely dirty. After spending the money on aftermarket upgraded mag wheels, you will want to properly maintain and care for the wheels to protect your investment. Properly cleaning and caring for alloy wheels help them look shiny and new.


1. Spray the wheel in a generous layer of your preferred mag wheel cleaning spray. Mag wheels sprays are specially formulated to clean the alloy metal without damaging it. If the wheels need to be cleaned and you don’t have a mag wheel cleaning spray, combine a squirt of liquid dish soap with warm water in a spray bottle. Though not as effective as mag wheel cleaner, the mixture is safe to use.

2. Allow the cleaner to work into the wheel for approximately 15 minutes. If you have hard-to-remove substances, such as tar or sap on the wheels, allow the mixture to sit longer.

3. Spray the wheels with a thin layer of mag wheel cleaner. Use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the soap into the wheel. For residue not removed with a cloth, a soft-bristled cleaning brush can be gently used.

4. Spray the mag wheels with a hose to remove soap residue.

5. Dry the mag wheels with a towel to prevent water spotting.

6. Apply a half-dollar-sized drop of alloy or mag wheel polish to a soft cloth.

7. Rub the polish into the wheel until the entire surface is coated in a thin, even layer. Allow the polish to dry on the wheels.

8. Polish the wheel by rubbing a soft cloth against the wheel in a circular motion. This will remove the polish residue. Dampen the corner of a soft cloth. Squeeze to remove extra moisture. Rub the cloth into any remaining or stubborn polish.