Clean Motorcycle Wheels

Don’t hit the open road with dirty motorcycle wheels. Regular cleaning of your motorcycle wheels will keep dust from brake pads–and grime from the environment–from damaging your wheels. Though motorcycle maintenance can be a drag, the finished result will add to your freewheeling style.


1. Take off all jewelry and watches to prevent brushing them along the bike and scratching it.

2. Hose down your wheels to remove all excess dirt and sand. Use a good nozzle with a strong stream of water. Keep the stream away from your brakes and clutch to prevent contaminating fluids.

3. Dilute motorcycle-specific soap, Showbike Spray Wash or Detail Devil‘s Cycle Wash, with water in a bucket (see directions on the packaging for the proper ratio). Scrub wheels with the solution, using a soft brush like a dish brush. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

4. Dry the wheels with soft, non-abrasive terry cloth rags.

5. Protect your wheels from cracking with tire dressing. Apply a generous amount of tire dressing like Detail Devil’s Tire Dressing on a sponge and rub over tire. Allow dressing to absorb for 20 minutes. Buff the tires with a chamois.