Clean The Spokes On Motorcycle Wheels

Cleaning a motorcycle is a different process than cleaning a car, but cleaning the spokes can be a bit tedious. There are easier ways to do it other than cleaning each one individually–you just need the right tools.


1. Park the motorcycle in the shade, and allow the engine and body to cool down. This will help to minimize water spots.

2. Rinse the wheels off using the hose and high-pressure water. Turn the water spigot on high, and place your thumb over most of the end of the hose to force the water out at a higher speed, which helps to blow off some of the dust and grime from the bike.

3. Spray motorcycle wheel cleaner all over the spokes. This will help eat up the brake dust and contaminants that can be stuck to the wheels.

4. Allow the cleaner to work for three minutes, then scrub the wheels with the brush. A good spoke brush will get off all the dirt without harming the wheels’ finish.

5. Rinse off the wheels with the hose. Spray from the top down, so all the dirt flows from downward.

6. Dry the wheels using the microfiber towel. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the towel around each spoke and pull one side, then the other, drying the spokes one at a time. Then dry the hoop as well.