Clothes That Suit Skinny Girls

Walk with confidence and poise to enhance your style.

Tall or short, skinny or heavy, most girls have some difficulty finding just the right clothing style for their body shape and size. If you’re a skinny girl, for example, you may struggle with creating the appearance of feminine curves or shapely legs. However, skinny girls can find comfortable, fashionable clothing that shows off their assets and makes them feel good.


Winter is a skinny girl’s best friend because it provides plenty of opportunities for layering clothing. For example, pair two simple fashion tees with a baby-doll-length winter coat. Thick fabrics, such as wool, will help give the appearance of fullness to your torso and draw attention to your bust and face. In the summer, try light-colored three-quarter length leggings under a pair of tailored shorts. Wear a light-colored tank top under a thin, long-sleeved tee. Layering properly helps add the illusion of curves in all the right places.

“Big” Clothes

Chunky winter sweaters help give your frame a little extra bulk, as do pants that are just a size too big. (Avoid baggy pants; instead, go for a relaxed, these-are-my-boyfriend’s-jeans look.) Knit shirt-dresses, often made of acrylic or heavy cotton blends, can also help you look curvier. In the summertime, stay away from tiny shorts. Instead, find some feminine-looking knee-length board shorts. Pair them with a bikini top or a long, fitted tank.

Boots & Flats

If you are already skinny, adding extra height will only make you look skinnier. Play down your slight frame with light-colored calf-high boots. The color will add weight to your legs and draw attention away from bony knees. In the winter, pair boots with light-colored leggings. If your legs are shapely, go with flats or low heels. A little lift can help show off the shape of your calves. If you wear flats, stick to solid colors. Patterns or decorations can draw too much attention to your feet instead of your curves.

Other Clothes

Avoid skinny or extra form-fitting pants; they will only make you look skeletal. Stick to straight or boot-cut jeans. If you don’t have a curvy waist, avoid low-rise jeans, which can make you look boyish. Aim for jeans and pants that come up to your waist.

To give the illusion of width to your frame, wear wide, horizontal stripes. Try a form-fitting sweater with horizontal black and white stripes. Avoid vertical stripes, which can make you look straight-waisted and extra skinny, and big belts.