Clothes To Wear To Ride On A Motorcycle

Wearing the right clothes can help protect mortorcycle riders from injury.

Riding a motorcycle, be it a Harley, a Triumph or a Honda, a gives hobbyists and professionals a feeling of freedom and provides great enjoyment. Because riders are unprotected by the fiberglass or sheet metal walls of cars and trucks, adding protective clothing will help prevent burns, wind damage and other injury to the body. Creating a range of outfits to wear on a motorcycle can also contribute to the cool factor and give riders a sense of identity Does this Spark an idea?

Clothes for Comfort

A motorcycle rider gets exposed to various weather elements and needs to dress appropriately for an enjoyable ride. In hot weather, choose light cotton shirts to absorb moisture. Shorts or pants made out of cotton or other light material work well to wick away sweat. Mesh jackets or shirts provide some light protection from the weather and also give some air flow to the body.

Padded microfiber underwear helps prevent chafing for long trips and lends a little extra cushion for comfort. Adding layers of clothing help for windy or cold days. Include a rain slicker or poncho in your wardrobe to keep out precipitation and trap body heat.

Clothes for Protection

In addition to a helmet, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends additional clothing to add enough protection and padding between the rider and the road. Purchase a close-fitting jacket with a durable outer-layer to protect from wind, sun and cold weather. Gloves with reinforced stitching protect hands from scrapes and burns. In addition to durable pants, over-the-ankle boots support feet and safeguard them from stones and other debris hitting them while riding.

Clothes for Style

Riders can be in fashion and look stylish with protective and comfortable clothing with a few name brand pieces. Harley Davidson and motorcycle and accessory manufacturers create fashion motorcycle gear for both men and women. Leather chaps, boots, jackets and t-shirts are among the many choices motorcyclist enjoy wearing.