Colleges In The Dfw Area That Offer Interior Design

Interior designers use furniture and lighting to make rooms more attractive.

The job of an interior designer is much more complex than merely making spaces look good. It involves interpreting a room’s function and quality, analyzing design options, and space planning. Interior designers must be able to produce design drawings and documents, and know and understand construction processes and building codes as well as materials and furnishings. Ultimately, interior designers will work to make a space aesthetically pleasing while ensuring it’s also safe and functional. There are several colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area offering interior design degrees.

Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University’s interior design program gives students an education in the design process, technical skills and creativity. The program takes four years to complete. First-year required classes include intro to interior design, art history and lighting fundamentals. During the fall term of the second year, students are required to take design fundamentals and interior design concepts. At this point, the faculty of the interior design department will review student portfolios to ensure their work demonstrates an aptitude for interior design for them to continue in the program. Curriculum past this point includes interior design illustration and components, architectural components, special purpose design, and an internship.

Texas Christian University

2800 S. University Dr.,

Fort Worth, TX 76129


The Art Institute of Dallas

The Art Institute of Dallas offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that gives students a strong knowledge and skill base in all aspects of interior design. Students are encouraged to consider human elements when designing living spaces. The program requires 190 credit hours for completion. Some general education courses are required, such as psychology, math and oral communication. Classes needed for the degree include drafting, drawing, programming and space planning, sketching and rendering, and 3D digital modeling. Certain classes focus on specific spaces such as commercial design, residential design, kitchen and bath design, furniture design, and institutional design. Students are required to complete an internship to apply what they’ve learned in a real setting.

The Art Institute of Dallas

8080 Park Lane, Suite 100

Dallas, TX 75231-5993


Wade College

Wade College has an interior design program that instructs students in two areas: skill and creativity. The program helps students learn to analyze space and develop ideas for its design. Instruction includes design history, building codes and professional practices. General education classes students are required to take include art appreciation, composition, principles of marketing, digital image manipulation, computer aided drafting, and portfolio design and presentation. For the degree, students will need to take additional courses such as survey of decorative arts, interior design studio, textiles and interior materials and systems. Program graduates will receive an associate’s degree.

Wade College

1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2026

Dallas, TX 75207