Color Correct In Final Cut Pro

Color correction allows for video shot on different cameras or under different (or even poor) lighting conditions to be used together. Apple’s Final Cut Pro software has several color correction options. Read on to learn color correct in Final Cut Pro.


1. Play the selected clip from the Timeline so it is playing on the Canvas. Stop the clip at a point where there is some white and a variety of color. Click on the clip in the Timeline so it appears in the Viewer as well.

2. Select the “Effects” tab in the project box (upper left hand corner). Click the arrow next to Video Filters. In the list that appears, click the arrow next to Color Correction. Double Click “Color Corrector 3-Way.”

3. Click the tab marked “Color Corrector 3-Way” in the Viewer. Three color wheels should appear.

4. Select the “Auto Contrast” button (the middle button under Auto Level). Then click on the eyedropper next to the wheel labeled “Whites.” Move the cursor to an item that should be pure white in the Canvas and click on it.

5. Click the eyedropper next to the wheel marked “Blacks.” Move the cursor to an item in the Canvas picture that should be black. Click on it.

6. Adjust the saturation level by eye using the slider at the bottom of the Color Corrector 3-Way Viewer window.