Comcast Dvr Instructions

Comcast DVR Instructions

Comcast digital video recorder is a feature that can be added to existing Comcast digital cable service. This is actually an embedded hard drive on which you can record any program on the TV to watch at your convenience. Moreover, when this system is added to the TV, it enables you to manipulate live programs by rewinding and pausing. The feature is available as a standard DVR or high definition (HD) DVR.

Using the Recording Device

The recording feature is the major aspect of your Comcast DVR. No separate device is needed as the product comes with a single, universal remote control device that enables all functions. The remote has a red “record” button. When you press the “record” button on live TV, the DVR begins recording. You can stop recording at any time by pressing the “Stop” key on the remote. You can also press the record button to display recording options for selected shows on the programming guide. You have the option to record just one episode of a show, or to record every episode. When your options window shows up, select the “Series Record” option.

Selecting a Program

Select the “Menu” button on the remote control and then “Search.” Select the first four letters of the name of the show using the arrows on the remote control. When the program that you want to record appears, press the record button and select your specific recording options, either individual or series.

Manipulating Live TV

This feature allows you to pause and rewind the show even if it’s live. When you need to pause, press the remote button that has two parallel vertical lines on it. Press the rewind button (or the button with the arrows facing backwards) to rewind live TV.

Fast forward is only available on recorded shows, or shows playing delayed.


When the disc is full, if unwanted programs are not deleted, they will be deleted on their own. The size of your DVR hard drive model determines how many programs it can hold before deletion occurs. The standard model allows you to record 45 hours of standard programming. The HD model can handle 90 hours of standard programming or 20 hours of high definition programming.

In order to prevent favorite or wanted programs from getting deleted automatically, go to the screen that has a list of recorded shows. From there, delete unwanted titles.

You may want to make sure a title never gets automatically deleted even if you don’t erase programs. Click on that show title from the recorded list, and a new menu will appear. It will give you the option to change that program from an automatic delete to a manual delete. It will now stay on your machine until you choose to delete it.