Compare A Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy & A Deluxe

Comparing the Harley Davidson Fat Boy and Deluxe Softails is about the small details. They share major features, such as the engine, but the Deluxe offers old-school fenders, while the Fat Boy is reminiscent of the choppers from the 1960s and 1970s. To compare the two bikes more thoroughly, stop by a dealer and test ride both of them, and while you’re there look at the subtle styling differences to see which suits you the best.


1. Look at the subtle differences in the bikes’ dimensions and overall sizes. The Fat Boy’s ground clearance is 5.1 inches, while the Deluxe is only 4.8 inches. The seat heights are also slightly different with the Fat Boy’s laden and unladen heights being 25.4 and 27.5 inches, respectively; the Deluxe’s laden and unladen seat heights are 24.5 and 25.9 inches, respectively.

2. Compare the features of the chassis, front and back wheels. The Deluxe’s wheels are both chrome, laced steel, while the Fat Boy’s wheels are both silver, disc-cast aluminum. The chassis on the Deluxe offers a chrome, dual-muffler straight over/under shotgun exhaust and the lean angle is 26.7-degrees/25.8-degrees. The Fat Boy’s exhaust is an over/under, chrome, dual-muffler shotgun and its lean angle is 27-degrees/26.2-degrees.

3. Compare the price. The price is one of the most important factors when purchasing a new bike, and the Deluxe’s 2011 model runs higher at $16,799 to $17,664 due to the extra features. The Fat Boy’s 2011 model ranges from $15,999 to $16,374.