Compare Directv To Comcast

Comcast and DirecTV compete for customers on price and other areas.

Compare DirecTV to Comcast by weighing factors such as cost, programming, picture quality and reliability. Sorting through the data can be daunting, but a systematic approach to selecting a television service provider will ensure you make a choice that fits you and your family. An honest analysis of programs and viewing habits will help lead you to the right results.


1. Assess your household’s viewing habits. Determine what stations and programs you watch most often. Consider the number of televisions in your house as well since additional receivers and digital video recorders can bring added fees.

2. Review the websites for Comcast and DirecTV and consider the value of special deals for new subscribers. You’ll find the basic prices and learn about fees for installation and equipment. Most cable or satellite providers waive these fees, but when you make your comparison this is an important factor.

3. Use your needs list to determine if each of the providers have the channels you watch most and how expensive it will be to include all the channels you desire. Comcast and DirecTV have different price points for certain channels. DirecTV boasts of offering 160 channels and the most high-definition channels. The company also offers the “NFL Sunday Ticket,” an exclusive pro football package. Comcast has a smaller HD lineup, but has exclusive channels for local sports, including Philadelphia teams. Comcast claims to have better HD picture quality than DirecTV.

4. Telephone each company, armed with all the research you have done. Use this information to negotiate the best deal. Sometimes the telephone sales divisions for DirecTV and Comcast offer discounts not listed on the Internet. The operators may also have options to upgrade channel lineups to include the channels that you watch most.

5. Arrange installation. DirecTV requires a satellite dish and a southwest exposure to receive the signal. Cable must to be wired throughout the house and can be difficult to set up as well. Note that while cable does have outages from time to time DirecTV may have difficulty with reception in heavy rain. Consider the environment and conditions in your area when making your choice.