Compare Fta Hd Receivers

FTA HD receivers capture signals from orbiting satellites.

In the past, analog televisions harnessed antenna signals from local television stations for free viewing. Now, with the use of satellites, free-to-air (FTA) high-definition (HD) receivers have been developed to capture free television broadcast signals from the sky.


When coupled with a satellite dish pointed at specific satellites, FTA HD signals are brought into the receiver and the high definition images are displayed on screen with no contract or payment needed to a satellite programming provider.


FTA HD receivers can supply standard and high definition channels. Many receivers come with universal serial bus (USB) or RS0232 ports to allow software upgrades to maintain compatibility with the broadcast signals. In addition, channels featuring various languages and cultures, including Russian and French, can be accessed.


The FTA HD receiver can also be coupled with a satellite dish that is motor-powered. This gives more flexibility toward finding the specific channels desired since the dish can be pointed in any direction to capture a chosen satellite signal.