Compare Harleydavidson Motorcycles

When it comes to choosing a Harley-Davidson, the hardest decision is deciding which one to buy.

All Harley-Davidson motorcycles are equipped with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and belt drives. With over 30 Harley models as of late 2010, the similarities end there.

Sportster (XL)

The Sportster is the smallest of the entire Harley-Davidson lineup. Specifically created for the urban scene, the Sportster has three tank sizes: 2.1, 3.3 and a 4.5 gallons.

Dyna (D) and Softail (ST)

Dyna and Softail models feature air-cooled, twin-cam 96/96B engines. These are larger motorcycles with loads of street cred. Fuel capacity for both ranges between 4.7 and 5 gallons. Owners can expect fuel economy for both bikes to range between 35 mpg (city) to 54 mpg (highway). In stock form, the bikes are ideal for short trips or cruising down the boulevard.

V-TWIN Racing Street Custom (VRSC)

The V-Rod is based on Harley-Davidson’s production drag-racing motorcycle, the VRXSE V-Rod Destroyer. All V-Rod models are equipped with liquid-cooled, revolution, 60-degree V-twin engines. Fuel capacity is 5 gallons. Expect to get between 34 mpg (city) to 42 mpg (highway). These bikes are intended solely for boulevard cruising.

Touring Model (HT or LT) and Trikes

Harley-Davidson’s Touring and Trike models are designed specifically for long-distance traveling in comfort. All Touring models and Trikes sport new Twin Pack 103TM V-Twin Engines. Fuel capacity for this model is 6 gallons. Fuel economy ranges between 35 mpg (city) to 54 mpg (highway).