Compare Mini Hd Camcorders

HD camcorders feature high-quality recording and are compatible with HD televisions, but some camcorders are better than others and knowing what to look for will help you choose the best HD camera when shopping.


The small size of Mini HD camcorders may hinder some features, so see how much optical zoom the camcorder has. The more zoom the better, because it will be a better lens and you can do more with the camcorder.


Choose a media type that suits your needs. With expandable media such as SD cards, you can store as much footage as you want with multiple cards, but a hard drive-based camera limits your recording time. Media such as tapes and mini DVDs are outdated compared with newer technology.

LCD Screen

Large LCD screens make recording and viewing footage a lot easier. A screen that rotates more than 200 degrees makes reverse shots easy and can avoid sunlight glare when taping outside.


See how much you can expand your mini HD camcorder use. Check if it is tripod ready, allows extensions for lighting and microphones, or if it can output to computers and televisions using HD and standard cables.


Just because it is labeled HD, does not mean it will give you the best quality. Look for three CCD lenses and large lenses, and avoid any cameras with pin-hole or dime-sized lenses because the quality is often fuzzy and lacks any true focus ability.