Connect A Dvr To A Television

Connect a DVR to a Television

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device that records programs from the television into a digital format. The method to hook up a DVR will depend on whether you are connecting directly to a television or through other accessories, such as surround sound or a language-filter device.


1. Determine if you will use a coaxial cable connection, digital, RCA or S-video outputs. Be sure to mark the cables to identify the connection point. Using cable labels is an easy way to tell which cables connect to the various ports.

2. Determine the channel output that is required by the television and DVR and hook up a cable to the television’s tuner port.

3. Plug in the power for the DVR and set the TV to the appropriate channel, depending on your DVR instruction manual. The most common channels are 00, 3, 4 or 99.

4. Connect the yellow RCA video cable from the DVR output to the television’s RCA video input. Another option is to connect the S-video cable from the DVR output to the television’s S-video input. A third option is to go digital.

5. Connect the red-and-white RCA audio cables from the DVR outputs to the television’s audio inputs matching the red and white connections. If your TV is older or has only one input for audio, use the right-side RCA audio output on the DVR. Other color-coded cables (red, green and blue component video) are present on digital televisions and DVRs.

6. Plug in the power supply for the DVR and turn it on. Depending on the type of DVR, there will be a setup screen to complete the process.

7. Hook up the receiver to the satellite or cable input by locating the “Satellite In” port and connecting the appropriate cable or cables (if more than one port is used). These cables will be supplied by the provider of service, or specific requirements will be stipulated in the install instructions.