Connect A Motorola S10hd To The Macbook Pro

The Motorola S10-HD is a Bluetooth device that combines a microphone and a pair of headphones into a single, wireless headset. Features include an effective range of 33 feet, dedicated music buttons and enhanced bass. The S10-HD is intended primarily for use with cellular phones and certain personal audio devices, such as Apple’s iPod. However, users can connect the headset to personal computers, such as the MacBook Pro, for use with telephony applications and voice-enabled games.


1. Turn off any other devices that you have previously paired with the headset. Leaving these devices active may prevent the headset from pairing properly with your computer. Press the S10-HD’s power button in the center of the headset to turn on the device.

2. Check that the headset’s status light is blue, indicating that the device is fully charged. If you need to charge the headset, connect one end of the S10-HD’s USB cable to the port near the center of headset, and then connect the remaining end of the cable to one of the USB ports on the left side of the MacBook Pro.

3. Log into your MacBook Pro and find the Bluetooth icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click on the icon to open the “Bluetooth” menu. Check that Bluetooth is on and the “Discoverable” setting is enabled.

4. Select the “Set Up Bluetooth Device…” option from the Bluetooth menu. This will open the “Bluetooth Setub Assistant” window, displaying a list of any active Bluetooth devices that your MacBook Pro is able to detect. Select the SD10-HD from the list of devices. Click “Continue” to pair the headset with your computer.

5. Click on the icon of an apple on the right side of the menu bar. Open the “System Preferences” window and click on the icon labeled “Sound.” Browse the settings labeled “Output” and “Input” and select the SD10-HD as the designated device on both screens. Put on the headphones and click on the volume slider to test the volume.