Connect A Shaw Personal Video Recorder To A Tv

Two sets of RCA-type cables are needed to hook up a Shaw Personal Video Recorder.

A Shaw PVR (personal video recorder) connects to a TV and source signal with two composite audio/video cables equipped with RCA-type connectors on each end. The cables are color-coordinated to match the jacks on the back panel of the personal video recorder, your TV and the source signal. Any programming source such as an antenna and cable or satellite service can be connected.


1. Turn off the power to the Shaw PVR, your television and source signal component, such as a satellite receiver.

2. Hook up one of the composite A/V cables from the three output jacks to the trio of inputs on the rear of the Shaw PVR. Each plug matches a jack color.

3. Connect the second composite A/V cable from the output/playback jacks on the PVR to a set of composite inputs on the TV. Some TVs are equipped with inputs on the front and rear, as well as the side of the cabinet, so use the inputs that are most convenient for setup.

4. Activate the power for all components.

5. Press the video input button on the TV remote control to receive video and audio signals from the Shaw PVR.