Connect A Tv To Avr

Use RCA audio cables to connect your TV to an audio video receiver.

Modern home entertainment devices provide myriad ways of interconnecting your home system. The use of an audio/video receiver (AVR), for instance, can maximize your TV watching experience by outputting your TV’s audio through high-quality stereo speakers. The thought of connecting your TV to an AVR may seem intimidating, but it can be achieved by following just a few basic steps.


1. Connect one end of the RCA audio cables to the RCA audio output on the TV. Make sure to connect the red cable to the red plug on the TV and the white cable to white plug.

2. Attach the other end of the RCA cables to one of the RCA audio inputs on the AVR. The AVR may have RCA audio outputs as well, so make sure to use the ports labeled “in” or “input” and not “out” or “output.”

3. Tune the AVR to the input to which you plugged the TV. For example, if the connection that you used on the AVR was labeled “input 2,” tune the AVR to input 2 per the manufacturer’s instructions, and you should now hear the TV’s audio through the AVR’s speakers.