Connect An External Hard Drive To A Directv Dvr

Satellite TV offers so much content that you may want an external drive connected to your DVR.

DirecTV digital video recorders have a limited amount of video recording and storage capacity, allowing you an average of 100 hours of television and movie programming. With the endless possibilities of automatically watching one show while recording another, recording two shows at once and watching a recorded show while recording two live shows at the same time, you, your family and your DVR may need extra space. With an external hard drive connected to your DVR, you can increase recording capacity by as much as 50 to 750 gigabytes in which to store more of your favorite TV shows, much-awaited movies and momentous sports events.


1. Insert one end of the USB cable into the port or opening of the external hard drive. The cable should fit in firmly and perfectly with the shape and dimension of the port you are attaching it to.

2. Insert the other end of USB cable into the port of the digital video recorder. Make sure the cable is securely attached.

3. Plug the external hard drive into its power source.

4. Press the switch of the external hard drive to turn it on.

5. Switch on the digital video recorder to test whether the external hard drive has been successfully connected to the DVR and whether the DVR recognizes this new hardware.