Connect An Hdtv Converter To Pc Monitor

With LCD monitors getting bigger and cheaper, using one as both a computer monitor and television is a good space and money saver. LCD monitors can display television at HD resolutions, specifically 1080p (1920×1080) and 720p (1440×720) and display media on PCs at resolutions even higher than that. You can use the HDTV converter box leased from your cable or satellite company or you can use an HDTV converter from a third party provider, like Tivo.


1. Determine which interface your HDTV converter box uses. A DVI output will be a white, female connector containing several pinhole connections. An HDMI output will be a single female connector, similar to a USB port.

2. Determine which interface your LCD monitor uses. If it uses both HDMI and DVI, HDMI is always a better choice, as it streamlines the video connection and carries an audio signal as well. It is also HDCP ( a form of digital copyright protection) compliant.

3. Connect your HDTV converter to your LCD monitor. If the monitor does not automatically detect the newly installed converter box, you will need to use the monitor’s manual controls to switch inputs. Consult your owner’s guide for instruction specific to your monitor.