Connect Motorcycle Led Lights

LED lights are a great accent for nighttime riding.

Installing LED lights on your motorcycle is a quick and easy way to liven it up. Not only do LED lights look wonderful, they also increase your visibility to other drivers when riding at nighttime. LEDs do not draw much power from the battery so they are an ideal solution for nighttime lighting.


1. Locate areas under the motorcycle body or fairing where you would like to install the LED lights. Ensure that there are no hot motorcycle parts close to the locations you pick.

2. Clean the areas where you will be installing the lights with alcohol prep pads. This removes the dirt and grime. Allow the alcohol to dry thoroughly so the LEDs will have a clean, dry surface to attach to.

3. Remove the adhesive backings on the LEDs and install them by pressing them firmly against the motorcycle surface. Most LED light strips are flexible and can be curved around the fairing for better illumination.

4. Remove the seat and run the wires through the frame of the body to underneath the seat where the battery is located. The wires should not be visible on the outside of the bike.

5. Remove approximately 1/4-inch of wire insulation from the end of all wires by using a wire stripper. Place all the black (negative) wires into the clamp connector and then place all of the red (positive) wires into a separate clamp connector. Attach the black 18-gauge wire to the clamp connector that now houses all the black LED wires. Attach the red 18-gauge wire to the clamp connector that now houses all the red LED wires.

6. Collect all the wires and tighten them together with a wire tie. This keeps the wires organized.

7. Strip 1/4-inch off of the black and red 18-gauge wires and twist the exposed ends into loops so they can be attached to the motorcycle battery terminals.

8. Loosen the terminal bolts on the motorcycle battery by using your screwdriver. Wrap the black 18-gauge wire around the negative terminal on the battery, then wrap the red 18-gauge wire around the positive terminal on the battery. Tighten the terminal bolts back into place so they firmly hold the wires down.

9. Start your motorcycle and watch your LEDs light up. If all or some of the LEDs are not operating properly, check the battery terminal connections first to ensure that they are tight. If the problem is not resolved, check the clamp connector wiring to ensure that all the wires are stripped properly and in full contact with the inside of the connector.