Connect The Xbox 360 Hd Dvd Drive To A Pc

The Xbox 360 High-Definition DVD drive (HD-DVD) is a stand-alone optical disk drive that was produced by Microsoft to add HD-DVD playback functionality to the Xbox 360 entertainment console. The drive interacts with the Xbox 360 console via a USB link. Connecting the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive to a computer can be done through the USB connection. Doing so properly requires some computer hardware experience.


1. Connect the power brick to the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. Plug in the AC cord to the power brick and plug the other end into a wall socket. Allow the drive to initialize until a green light appears on the “Eject” button.

2. Connect the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive to the PC using the USB cord. Wait for the operating system to attempt to install the drive. If the operating system does not recognize the device, click “Start,” “Programs” and “Windows Update” to connect to the driver update website to attempt to download the latest drivers for the HD-DVD drive.

3. Restart the computer to finalize the driver installation process. Boot up the operating system and open a DVD playback program that is compatible with HD-DVD playback. Insert a HD-DVD disk into the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive and press the “Eject” button to allow the drive to initialize. Allow the program to load and play the HD-DVD movie.