Connect Vizio Television Surround Sound

Connect Vizio Television Surround Sound

Vizio has become one of the highest-selling producers of flat panel LCD TVs in the United States, due in part to their high ratings from industry sources and consumers as well as their competitive prices. Vizio TVs offer a number of features and options; among those is the ability to connect to a surround-sound stereo system for multi-channel digital audio, either directly or through one of its connected components.


1. Determine which digital audio input(s) your surround-sound receiver offers. Either coaxial or digital optical (TOSLINK) cables are required for multi-channel audio; the receiver will have inputs for one or both.

2. Connect the receiver directly to the Vizio TV or to one of the related components (DVD/Blu-Ray player or cable/satellite receiver). Many Vizio models feature a digital optical output port; the other devices will offer that and/or a coaxial output as well. Connecting directly to the TV allows for surround-sound (when available) regardless of the component being used, while connecting to one of the components provides a more direct route from the source of the sound.

3. Connect one end of the audio cable to the input of the surround-sound receiver. If using a digital optical cable, you may need to remove the plastic covering from the end of the cable or any cap or hatch protecting the input port.

4. Connect the other end of the cable to the output of the TV or video component.

5. Set the surround-sound receiver to the appropriate input, and set the audio settings of it and the other components to “Digital” if multiple settings are available. For the TV, press “Menu”, “Audio Mode”, then “Digital Audio Out” and select the “Dolby Digital” setting.