Convert A Harley Davidson Radio Output To A Bluetooth

Heading out on the open ride mounted on a Harley Davidson is the epitome of freedom for many. when heading out for road trips it is entertaining to listen to a little music during the tour. Modern Harley Davidson motorcycles are equipped with radios and satellite XM. Because many Harleys are loud and thunderous, it makes it hard to hear the music or to keep the radio at levels acceptable for noise ordinance laws. A solution is to sync the radio to a Bluetooth listening headset. After market Bluetooth adapters are made, some exclusively for Harley Davidsons, that sync the radio to the Bluetooth listening headset.


1. Plug the Bluetooth radio adapter into the radio’s input jack — typically found on the right hand side of the radio. This is the same jack used to insert MP3 players and iPod jacks.

2. Turn the radio on and wait for the adapter light to come on. When the light comes on, turn on your Bluetooth-equipped headset.

3. Wait for the adapter to recognize the Bluetooth headset and program it to broadcast to the device.

4. Put the headset on and listen to check the connection. Adjust volume, stations and settings to your desired placements.