Convert Hdmi To Hdrgb

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital transfer of audio and video to the receiver. Most of the new flat screen televisions are now using this as a standard option. Hd-Rgb is the old way of moving the video alone using multiple cables, and the main difference is that it does it in analog. Simply converting HDMI to Hd-Rgb means that the signal is downgraded and without any external gear is impossible as these two signals do not match.


1. Purchase a “Scan Converter” which features both the HDMI and Hd-Rgb formats. These can be found in local electronics stores as well as online. You might have to specifically ask about one with these formats as it is not very common since most people do not want to downgrade but want to upgrade the signal.

2. Plug the HDMI cable into the input labeled “HDMI” on the back of the “Scan Converter” This is a thin flat cable and you will connect the other end to the source of the video signal. It could be a blu-ray player or a PC video card for example.

3. Connect the three Hd-Rgb cables into the outputs labeled “Hd-Rgb” on the back of the “Scan Converter.” Plug in the other ends of the cables into the Television or the monitor which will then display the video.

4. Turn on the “Scan Converter” by pressing the power button located on the front.