Convert Hi8 Video To High Definition Digital

You can convert Hi8 video footage into a high definition project.

Hi8 is an analog-based 8 mm videotape that was the predecessor to Digital8. Although you cannot change the actual image resolution of the Hi8 format, you can edit it into a high definition video file, which allows you to use both high definition digital video and Hi8 analog footage in the same project. To do so, you create a high definition video project using a video editing program on your computer.


1. Check your video editor to see if you can mix together high definition and standard definition video formats. Although Windows Movie Maker does not allow you to do this, you can with Final Cut, Pinnacle and Avid. This information is listed in the manual of the video editing program.

2. Connect a video capture card to your computer. This allows you to import analog video. The external card connects directly to your computer via a USB port.

3. Plug the RCA audio/video cables into the Hi8 video camera then insert the opposite end of the cables into the “Video In” ports on the video capture card.

4. Launch the video editing program. When asked about specifications of your video project (this is done in Avid, Final Cut and Pinnacle HD) select an HD 30 FPS (frames per second) option, title the project and click “OK.”

5. Import the HD video files into the program by clicking “File,” “Import,” then choose the files from your computer and click “OK.”

6. Select the capture features in the program then choose the video capture card as the import option. Press “Play” on the Hi8 video camera and click “Record” in the video editor. Once both the Hi8 and HD video files are uploading into the program, you can begin editing the files into your timeline.

7. Select the “Export” option in the editor once you have finished the project. Title the project video files, choose a save-to location and click “OK.” The HD video file now exports with the Hi8 footage.