Convert Xm To Sirius In A Gm

Space satellites send SiriusXM signals to your radio.

Under the terms of agreement reached in 2006 between XM Satellite radio and General Motors, all GM cars received factory installed XM radios. In July 2008, Sirius, at the time XM’s rival, merged with XM. Under the merger, the satellite radio companies maintain their services, but now offer each other’s channels on a personal subscription plan. However, if you have an XM radio in your GM car, you can convert it to Sirius.


Purchase a Sirius Radio for Your GM Vehicle

1. Purchase a Sirius radio from a retail store or online. Compare prices at Best Buy and Radio Shack or Amazon and eBay. Sirius sells several models of radio receivers. Three popular models are the Starmate 5, Sportster 5 and Status 6. The Starmate 5 radio has a blue wide-screen display, black finish, push button navigation and advanced features, according to the SiriusXM website. The Sportster 5 boasts a multi-color screen and the Sirius Stratus 6 was designed for cars, featuring push button navigation as well as an easy-to-read blue screen.

2. Set up your new Sirius satellite radio in your GM automobile. Remove the factory-installed radio from the dashboard panel, and replace it with your new Sirius radio.

3. Activate your radio and receive all the Sirius channels. Contact a customer representative (See Resources). Provide the 12-digit ID code that is on the back of the Sirius radio.

Sirius GM converter

4. Locate your factory installed XM satellite radio tuner.

5. Remove the XM satellite radio tuner completely from the vehicle. This may require unbolting a bracket to gain access to and remove the tuner.

6. Replace with the SIR-GM2L Sirius satellite radio tuner. If you purchased the XM to Sirius antenna adapter, place it on the factory XM antenna connection (built into the vehicle). If you did not purchase the XM to Sirius antenna adapter, run the magnetic Sirius satellite radio antenna as you would in a standard installation.

7. Replace any dash pieces, then test the SIR-GM2L tuner by turning the ignition switch.

8. Confirm that your radio receiver works by turning to channel 184, call Sirius satellite radio to activate the SIR-GM2.

Contact SiriusXM

9. Contact SiriusXM customer service by phone.


1221 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020


10. Make sure to ask the SiriusXM customer services representative that you want the A La Carte package, which allows you to select various premium Sirius channels, which will be included on your radio without having to purchase a regular subscription. As of January 2011, the A La Carte Package cost: A La Carte + Howard Stern $12.95 / month, A La Carte + Sports starting at $11.99 / month and A La Carte + Howard Stern + Sports $12.95 / month, according to the SiriusXm website. Additionally, premium channels such as NFL radio, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern will cost extra 25 cents a month. No matter the amount of channels you purchase, the regular monthly subscription fee will not go any higher than $12.95.

11. Use your credit card and submit a payment of $12.95 for one month or $155.40 for a year, as of January 2011. Once you submitting your payment the Sirius-XM representative will immediately send the Sirius channels to your XM receiver radio.