Cool Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Men can choose from a variety of tattoo designs.

Tattoo designs should be taken seriously, because unless you have the funds to remove the tattoo, you’re literally stuck with it. People typically choose a tattoo design that holds a specific meaning in their life, and some people just want a tattoo that seems cool or popular at the time. There are so many tattoo designs for men to choose from, including animals, religious icons, royalty and rank markings, zodiac signs and other symbols.

Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are cool, retro looks that are generally popular among younger men. The large skull tattoo surrounded by mini skulls on the leg is a big-demand design for young men, according to Tattoos Daily. The huge skull in the center of the design is also surrounded by flame designs to give the tattoo a cooler and more stunning appearance. The significance of the tattoo is to give a sense of danger, which makes it seem cool to guys of all ages. The skull represents a different meaning in every culture. For instance, in Mexico the skull is a reminder of death and the ultimate freedom a guy has after death.

Favorite Pastime

Men tend to like tattoos that represent a favorite pastime, sport or hobby. For instance, if a guy plays a sport, he is naturally drawn to tattoos that represent that sport. Basketball players typically tattoo cool basketball drawings, and some incorporate their name, team name or jersey number somewhere in the tattoo. A cool tattoo for guys who like to ride motorcycles is the Harley Davidson logo. A picture of soaring bald eagles is another cool and common tattoo among Harley Davidson bikers.

Tribal Tattoos

The location of the tattoo is the main focus, outside of the design. You may want a certain tattoo, but if it doesn’t fit, that ruins the design completely. With men, the arm is the most popular place to put a tattoo. Some arm tattoos for men involve covering the entire arm. In tattoo lingo, this design is referred to as a sleeve. Tribal tattoos are cool ideas for the sleeve or for armband tattoos. An armband tattoo goes around the arm, just like a band would. Most tribal tattoos are dark in color. These tattoos consist of powerful symbols and sometimes words. Black eyes, gray eyes, moons, crazy curves and elegant curves are some tribal tattoo designs men choose, as well as mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns.