Copy Dvds To A Wd Hd

Ripping your homemade DVD to a Western Digital hard drive requires the right software.

To copy your DVDs to your Western Digital hard drive, you will need to use some kind of “ripping” software. “Ripping” isn’t nearly as violent as it sounds; it just means you’re copying the DVD to your hard drive. You might want to do this to create backup copies of your homemade DVDs or other copyright-free disks. You can also use these backups to recreate or make changes to your movie, which cannot be done directly on a read-only DVD disk.


1. Try out ImgBurn. This free software program is the successor of the popular DVD Decrypter. It is used to rip DVDs into an “image” format, which contains all the information of the DVD in a single snapshot file. The image file can then easily be burned onto another DVD using the same software program. ImgBurn can also serve as your primary DVD burning program and is able to burn images, files and folders to CDs or DVDs.

2. Check out DVDShrink, which is another free DVD ripping program with extra features. What makes DVDShrink shine is its ability to reduce the final size of a DVD. This is quite useful when needing to copy your larger, dual-layer DVD onto a single-layer DVD. The program can also be used to shrink images created by ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter.

3. Use bitRipper if you want to back up your personal DVD into the popular AVI format, which can be played without a DVD-supported player. File size is typically smaller as well. The bitRipper software is free and can rip a DVD straight into AVI format without having to secondarily choose to convert it. Conversion takes a while, as it does with any such program, but it may be worth the wait for a single-packaged, hassle-free archive.