Craft Shows In Greendale Wisconsin

You can find crafts at several shows in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Greendale, Wis., is a small historic town just Southwest of Milwaukee. The downtown that originated in 1936 offers a number of boutiques, restaurants and historic buildings. It also serves as a backdrop for a variety of festivals and shows, including craft shows featuring everything from artwork to fine furnishings.

Heartland Creative

Heartland Creative puts on a variety of craft shows throughout the state of Wisconsin, including an annual craft show in Greendale. The show is held for three days in mid to late March at the South Ridge Mall. The traditional indoor show features a variety of arts and crafts vendors, who sign up for a fee of $198 per vendor as of January 2011. As a show guest, you’ll find everything from calligraphy to crocheting to woodworking and jewelry making. If you miss the show, visit one of the other Heartland Creative shows that are offered throughout the year at 22 different Wisconsin locations.

Greendale Open Market

Visit the Greendale Open Market to get a glimpse of crafts every Saturday from June through October. The farmers market-style show offers everything from fresh produce to arts and crafts. Vendors can sign up to display their crafts through the Greendale Park and Recreation Department. Free and open to the public, the market provides a one-stop shopping weekend activity for families and visitors of the Greendale area.

Trimborn Farm Harvest of Art and Crafts

Trimborn Farm is a Civil War era historic site in Greendale that is marked on the national historic registry. The Milwaukee County Historical Society runs the farm and the historic buildings that sit on the land. Each year, the society holds an arts and crafts show called the Trimborn Farm Harvest of Arts and Crafts. The show features exhibitor booths, raffles, live music, food and activities. Dates and times vary from year to year. As of 2011, admission is $4 for adults and free for children under 12 years old.

Fine Furnishings and Fine Crafts Show

Travel just 18 minutes northeast to Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee where the Fine Furnishings and Fine Crafts Show is featured. The show is held for three days from September 30 to October 1 as of January 2011. It attracts exhibitors such as woodworkers and craft specialists from across the country on an invitation-only basis. The Fine Furnishings and Fine Crafts Show is particularly popular among interior designers and architects. Admission is $10 per person as of January 2011.