Create A Biker Patch For A Low Price

A patch can identify a biker gang or motorcycle club.

Groups of bikers, sometimes referred to as biker gangs or motorcycle clubs, often have a logo, name, or insignia that represents the group as a whole. Putting patches on jackets, hats, and shirts is one way for bikers to recognize and identify members of the same motorcycle club. Or it can be a simple way to show off membership in such a group. Patch design and production costs can vary widely, but costs can be reduced or limited by considering a few things while making a design.


1. Determine what your patch will display and say. Make sure the lettering is at least 1/4 inch high for readability. Draw rough designs of the sketches, for complex designs consider asking an artist or graphic designer to make a final draft. Some embroidery producing companies have in house art departments but may charge more for use of this service.

2. Choose the size and shape of the patch. A sample of different patch shapes and sizes can be viewed in the Resources section of this article. Keep in mind that larger patches will cost more, a smaller patch can save money. Determine where the patch will be placed. Bikers often have patches on the back of jackets that identify the biker group, these patches often range in size from 10 to 17 inches. For shoulder and front jacket patches up to 5 inches is standard while for hats the patch can be as small as 2 1/2 inches.

3. Choose the colors for the design. Depending on the patch producer the cost may increase as the number of colors used increases. Keep the color scheme down to 2 or 3 basic colors to reduce cost.

4. Find a competitively priced embroidery producer. Some may offer bulk discounts for buying X number of the same patch rather than purchasing each patch individually.