Create A Custom Map For A Power Commander

Motorcyclists are constantly seeking new methods to expand their machine’s capabilities. One option for a nearly-instant performance increase is to install an electronic fuel-injection (EFI) controller, such as Dynojet’s Power Commander. These EFI controllers operate off of programmable fuel “maps,” which adjust the delivery of fuel at specific engine speeds to maximize the motorcycle’s performance. Dynojet offers a range of pre-programmed maps for most motorcycles, but a custom map can be created for your motorcycle and any existing modifications via a computer. Although the actual task is simple, tuning the machine for maximum power is a time-consuming task.


1. Access the Power Commander module. On most motorcycles, the Power Commander will be mounted under the passenger seat or side cover. Remove the seat or cover. Connect a fresh 9-volt battery to the Power Commander’s battery harness. Plug the harness into the module. The LED display on the module should illuminate. Plug the small end of a USB cable into the Power Commander module, connecting the opposite end to your laptop.

2. Start the Power Commander tuning software on your laptop. Wait for the software to connect to the Power Commander and select “Get Map” from the on-screen menu. This will load the Power Commander’s current fuel map settings.

3. Adjust the fuel settings. The map will be displayed as a grid indicating engine speed (Y-axis) and throttle position (X-axis). Fuel settings are indicated in the grid’s cells and can be adjusted by entering a number ranging from 0 to 1000. Increase the amount of fuel delivered at a specific RPM range by inserting a positive number (0 to 1000). Enter a negative number (-0 to -1000) to decrease fuel delivery. Adjust the fuel data as desired to alter the machine’s performance.

4. Click “Save Map File” and enter in a name for your custom map. This will save a copy of the fuel map to your computer for future modification. Click “Send Map” to upload the fuel map to the Power Commander module.

5. Disconnect the USB cable from the Power Commander and remove the 9-volt battery. Start the motorcycle and take it for a test ride. Take note of the engine speed and throttle position for any noticeable engine lag or flat spots in acceleration. Reconnect the Power Commander to your lap top and adjust the fuel map to compensate for these flat spots and test ride the motorcycle again. Repeat as necessary until the motorcycle performs smoothly at all engine speeds and throttle positions.