Create A Recovery Environment On A Hard Drive With Norton Ghost

When your computer crashes, you can lose important documents and information. At the least, you will lose the time invested in the file creation and cataloging; at the most, you could lose financially sensitive information if you store work-related material on your computer. A popular software application to guard against data loss is Norton Ghost. The software lets you restore all of your files after a system crash as long as you have created a recovery environment on your hard drive.


1. Launch the Norton Ghost program by double clicking the program icon on your computer’s desktop. When the program loads, you will be presented with default system configuration options that Symantec provides. If you are not a “Power Computer User,” you can accept the default configuration settings of Norton Ghost without adversely affecting your computer or your ability to recover files.

2. Select the “Local” file menu option, then choose “Partition,” followed by “Partition Options.” You will then select the “To Image” menu choice to designate the storage location for the Norton Ghost image.

3. Select your “Local Source Drive” from the list of drives that will appear in the window. It will appear at or near the top of the list and is normally labeled the “C” or “D” drive. This will be the drive that contains the majority of your software programs and data storage. Click the “OK” button.

4. Choose the partition you want as your “Source Partition” from the list that appears. This should be a partition with “Primary” in the “Type” column. Click “OK” when finished. Select from the list of files the one you want to have as your image destination. Name your image file and click the “OK” button.

5. Click the “Fast” button when the program asks to compress the image. Next, click “Yes.” The recovery environment will now be set up on your hard drive with Norton Ghost.