Create An Hd Photograph

Photographs that are transferred to the computer can be converted to HD.

HD, or high definition photos, is a new file format that is a higher quality than the JPEG, GIF or PNG format the photo file was in on your computer previously. This HD Photo format offers better quality than JPEG, with usually half the file size, according to the Geekpedia website. In order to get this file format or have the ability to convert these other files to the HD Photo format, you will need to perform some downloads and convert existing photographs in a specific way.


1. Scan or upload your photo into the computer. This photo can be a snapshot that was taken decades ago or a photo you just took with a high-end digital camera. But by putting it on your computer through one of these methods, the photo will end up as a file in a JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

2. Make sure you have Windows Vista 3.0 installed in order to have the ability to convert your photo files to HD photos. You can also install a program called .NET Framework 3.0. Once these are installed and operating, you can begin creating an HD Photo.

3. Begin a new project in Visual Studio. Then add PresentationCore and WindowsBase as references in this window. These will both be .DLL files.

4. Add two Using Statements to the Visual Studio Windows Project. These should be System.IO and System.Windows.Media.Imaging. A form will appear onscreen prompting you to add a button named “btnConvert,” an openPicture button, and a saveWDP button. Double-click btnConvert. A dialogue will pop up and your photo will be converted to the HD Photo format.