Create Computer Wallpaper

Your computer comes with several wallpaper styles to choose from, but you can also create images and make your own wallpaper. Whether you use off-the-shelf software or a free program, you can create computer wallpaper in no time.


1. Open the “Paint” program that comes with Windows. Go to “Start.” First click on “Programs,” and then click on “Accessories.” Choose “Paint.”

2. Insert a picture or graphic into the Paint program. Go to “File.” Choose “Open.” Browse your computer‘s hard drive until you find the picture you would like to use as your computer wallpaper. Click on “Open” and the picture appears in the Paint screen.

3. Select the “Text” tool. This is the letter “A” on the left side of the screen. Use the mouse to indicate where you would like to place the text box. Select the color of text you would like to add. Also choose whether you want the text box to be white or opaque. At this time you can also pick the font and size of the text.

4. Create your wallpaper’s message. Type it into the text box. Remember you can use “Undo” if you wish to change something.

5. Set the wallpaper. Go to “File.” Choose “Set as Background (Centered).” Also save the wallpaper for future use. Go to “File.” Select “Save As” and give the picture a new name.