Custom Chopper Paint Ideas

Determining a chopper’s color scheme is the hardest part of the build.

The hardest part of building a custom chopper isn’t in determining what parts to use for the build, but rather trying to decide what color paint to use, and the possible graphics to be included in the paint. Unfortunately, these decisions must be made before the construction of the chopper due to the necessity of painting parts such as the forks, frame and swing arm.

Solid Paint

Choosing a solid paint color for your custom chopper doesn’t necessarily mean a boring, drab paint color. There are an infinite range of colors available, some of which you can be sure have never been painted onto a motorcycle before. You can also opt for metal flake paint, candy color paint or even paint created to resemble gold or chrome plating. In many cases, custom bike builders opt for solid colors on the frame of the motorcycle while choosing a graphic scheme for the motorcycle’s body parts, such as the fenders and gas tank.

Multiple-Paint Schemes

Multiple-paint schemes simply means that more than one color is being used to paint the motorcycle. For this, you might choose one color for the frame of the motorcycle, while painting the gas tank and fenders another color. This works particularly well when utilizing two different shades of the same color, but also works well with colors that contrast one another. A good example might be painting the frame of the motorcycle orange and painting the fenders and gas tank pearl white. While the colors aren’t specifically matching, they do not clash with one another either.

Graphics Paint

Graphics paint schemes were very popular in the 1980s and early 1990s and are exceedingly difficult to paint but are well worth the effort when well executed. A graphics paint scheme generally involves the inclusion of numerous different shapes and colors into the paint job on the motorcycle. While early graphics schemes utilized multiple colors to achieve a wild-looking effect, this look can be updated by utilizing seven or eight shades of the same or matching primary colors. For instance, you might choose a range of blue to blue-green shades, or even such combinations as flat and gloss colors.

Airbrushing Graphics

Airbrushed graphics take a careful hand to properly apply but when properly executed, can be visually stunning as a way to set off the design and paint of a custom chopper. Airbrushed graphics come in any and all shapes and sizes, and are really best thought of as the “tattoos” you can paint on your motorcycle. Club affiliations, important names, dates, or places, quotes and even pictures of loved ones can be airbrushed onto your motorcycle by talented airbrush artists. Simpler airbrushing patterns utilize stencils to create shapes, shading and lines, and are the best option for this highly specialized paint format if you are determined to perform the paint work yourself.