Customize A Ford Car

Ford cars can be easily customized with various aftermarket options. If you love Ford, then you can customize with accessories and aftermarket options bearing the Ford logo. Or you can select and install a combination of accessories purely to your own taste–maybe a favorite color, sports team, character or animal. There are thousands of accessories available to customize a Ford car.


1. Order and install accessories using the convenient Ford Accessories Store (see Resources below). Select your Ford vehicle model and year, then view the online catalog pages of accessories.

2. Customize your Ford car’s exterior. You can choose to do a total overhaul custom paint job or opt for exterior decals and designs. Smaller decals and designs for the windows can easily be installed yourself after cleaning and wiping the windows down with alcohol to prep them. Larger decals and designs like metallic racing stripes are best installed by a Ford dealer or custom autobody paint specialist.

3. Upgrade and customize your Ford car’s rims and tires. Look through the options available at your local dealership, tire shops and online accessory stores. Find the wheel covers, hub caps or rims that match the total look you desire for your Ford car. Order the rims and tires. Then have them professionally installed and balanced.

4. Customize the interior space of your Ford car. Design and order your own custom floor mats for your Ford car. Upgrade your CD or radio to a navigation combo. Consider adding custom seat covers or head rest covers to complete your Ford’s interior space customization.

5. Add some sporty upgrades and accessories to add personality to your Ford car. Consider having a rear spoiler installed professionally and some chrome or metal racing pedals. Depending on your climate, bug guards and splash guards might add both style and functionality to your Ford. Complete your Ford car’s customization with a remote starter and alarm system.

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