Customize A Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

A full face motorcycle helmet offers you much greater protection in the event of an accident. Since it covers your whole face and has a chin bar for added security, full face motorcycle helmets are a safe choice for anyone driving a motorcycle. There are also a couple of simple ways to customize a motorcycle helmet.


1. Choose or draw a design for your helmet before you purchase paints. This will help you decide what colors you need and can save you money. The only limit on the design of the helmet is your own creativity.

2. Use a high-durability acrylic paint that will not chip or wear off of a motorcycle helmet. Acrylic paint can be applied directly to the helmet without stripping the original paint.

3. Choose a design that allows you to leave the eye shield untouched, such as racing stripes. Common designs include a skull, flames, dragons and comic book characters, but the image should express your style and taste.

4. Use a white or neutral colored full face helmet as the base for your design, as other colors can interfere with your painting.

5. Sketch out your design on the helmet itself with a pencil or erasable marker before painting it. This will allow you to correct any sizing or proportion errors, as well as creating guidelines for you to fill in with paint.

6. Paint the back, sides and top of the helmet according to the design you chose and outlined.