Customize A Harley Davidson Road King Classic

There are many ways to customize you Harley Davidson Road King Classic.

Customizing motorcycles has been common since the 1940s, and there are many things you can do to personalize your bike. Harley Davidsons have been at the forefront of this movement and, despite being arguably the most popular and iconic mark in motorcycling, there are certain customizations that can be made to improve the looks and performance of your Road King Classic.


1. Customize the paint work. The most popular and distinguishing thing you can change on your bike is personalizing the paint work. There are many designs that can be put on the bodywork by a professional, or you can use stencils and spray paint to add basic designs.

2. Change the exhaust. This is the most common form of motorcycle customization on all bikes, not just Harley Davidsons. Exhausts can be changed very quickly and can reduce the weight of the bike and improve the performance.

3. Add storage to the bike. Be it through saddlebags, pillion boxes or tank bags, it is important to make sure you have enough storage if you are traveling long distances.

4. Install new or adjust original handlebars. It is important to make sure you are comfortable when riding your bike, and this can be achieved by altering or changing the handlebars. New handlebars can raise or lower the bar height and can reduce the overall weight. Original handlebars are adjustable, allowing you to move them to a comfortable position.

5. Change the tires. New tires can offer better grip. The rear wheel, especially, will need to be changed periodically as part of maintenance.

6. Attach new wheels. New rims can be lighter and offer you a different choice of tires, both of which can improve performance.

7. Install new suspension. New shock absorbers can improve the ride comfort, which is important on long journeys.

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