Customize A Harley Rocker

Customizing your Harley Rocker has many options from performance to the looks of the bike itself.

Whether you’ve always been a motorcycle rider or you’re interested in purchasing and customizing a new Harley Rocker, there are many options available for personalizing it. Before purchasing, you can customize a Harley Rocker with many features and upgrades. You can always add options after your purchase.


1. Plan and prepare ahead before customizing your Harley Rocker. Determine a budget for yourself before purchasing additional personalized parts to help you stay on a budget.

2. Make a list of your desired customization options, along with their prices. This list will be help determine which items are most important, which will help you stay on budget. Some customizable options include the brake system, seats, paint and design, performance system, exhaust system and even the Rocker’s wheels and tires.

3. Shop around for pricing on your custom Harley Davidson Rocker accessories and additional parts. Use your phonebook to research motorcycle and custom part shops in your local area. You also can use a specialized Harley Rocker customized parts website to find more products and items (see References below).

4. Locate a local motorcycle customization company to complete the customization job after the parts are ordered. Some motorcycle customization shops also may allow you to ship your bike to complete personalization. Compare different companies for pricing before making a commitment

5. Order your parts online at reputable Harley Rocker site or place an order from a local motorcycle customization shop (see References). Deliver your bike to the shop to have the upgrades, accessories and additional parts added to bike.

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