Customize A Harleydavidson Vrod

A customized V-Rod will make your Harley stand out.

If you own a Harley-Davidson V-Rod you have most likely wondered what the bike would look like if you customized it. This is a common occurrence for anyone who purchases a Harley-Davidson. Often, owners struggle with where to start and how far they should take the customizing. Mixing traditional chroming with non-standard features will help you make your Harley-Davidson stand out in a crowd but will not take customizing to the extreme.


1. Replace the stock seat with a custom seat. According to, a custom leather seat is a popular modification for the Harley V-Rod. A custom seat can be purchased from a Harley dealer. In addition, upholstery specialists usually offer services where your stock seat can be customized to your liking.

2. Install chrome hardware. Adding chrome to Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been popular since the 1960s. Chrome hardware like brackets, oil tanks and handlebars can be purchased new and installed on your bike or your stock parts can be taken to a facility that does custom chrome plating.

3. Install Ape Hanger handlebars. Ape Hanger handlebars rise far above the gas tank and force the rider to reach for the handlebars. This was made popular by the Movie “Easy Rider.” Ape Hangers are not commonly seen on the V-Rod model so installing them will make your V-Rod stand out.

4. Replace the stock exhaust with a custom exhaust. A custom exhaust not only gives a V-Rod a different look, it also gives the V-Rod a different sound. A stock exhaust also restricts the ability for gasses to exit the combustion chamber. A custom exhaust allows gasses to escape, thus helping to create additional horsepower and torque.

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