Customize A Road Glide Harleydavidson

Customize a Road Glide Harley-Davidson

Riding the open road on a Harley-Davidson has been the dream of many men since its inception in 1903. The newest edition to the Harley-Davidson edition, the Road Glide, was introduced in 2009 and is a “full dresser” meaning it is equipped with saddlebags, cargo storage and a full front shield. For most, this is great for touring or long drives but for some, the desire to have a full-sized Harley-Davidson in a sportier package is a big reason for wanting to customize the bike.


1. Remove the saddle bags and rear cargo storage. The saddle bags are mounted to each side of the bike on the rear and give the rider additional storage for longer trips. The rear cargo is mounted behind the seat. These are commonly missing from larger Harley-Davidson bikes like the Duo Glide or Soft Tail. The removal of the saddlebags can be done with basic tools and will give your bike a sporty look just by removing them.

2. Install Ape Hanger handlebars. Ape Hanger handlebars were made famous in the movie, “Easy Rider.” They extend high above the bike and force the rider to reach for the handlebar grips. These give a custom look to a Harley and will provide a nostalgic feel. Ape Hangers are illegal in some states so local laws should be referenced before installing.

3. Install aftermarket exhaust pipes. The stock pipes are designed to be quiet and offer less vibration because it is designed to be a touring bike and not a sport bike. Aftermarket exhausts are available at most bike accessory locations. These pipes will allow for less exhaust gas restriction and will add horsepower to your Harley. They will also make the exhaust note louder which is desirable with most motorcycle enthusiasts.