Customize An Flh

Customize an FLH

Harley-Davidsons have been a big part of the counterculture of American History. James Dean in Rebel Yell led the rebellion on a Harley. However, over the years, Harley-Davidson FLH Electro-Glides have found homes in mainstream America. Although the culture behind the success of the FLH has changed, the popularity of customizing these motorcycles remains as fresh today as when Harley first came to the market. With thousands of aftermarket bolt-on accessories, making your FLH Harley your own is very possible.


1. Install a performance exhaust system. The exhaust on a Harley is designed to restrict horsepower and to be as quiet as possible. Adding a higher performance exhaust pipe will give your FLH a more aggressive exhaust, and it will also allow the bike to breathe freely, thus allowing for more horsepower.

2. Install a cold air filter kit. With a high performance exhaust installed, getting air into the engine becomes the key to adding horsepower. A high flow K&N filter kit will increase the flow of air into the engine and will help to create horsepower.

3. Install an aftermarket radio. Radios are not standard on most Harley FLH models. However, aftermarket radios can be installed into saddlebags or even windshields that are mounted on the front of the bike. Since two-way helmet mounted communication devices are banned in most states, a radio can keep you company while on long rides.

4. Install ape hanger handlebars. these handlebars are much taller and force the rider to stretch out to reach them. These were popular in the 1960s and have become popular again on custom-built motorcycles. These were most popular on Harley Sportsters but can make a statement on the larger FLH models.

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