Customize Htc Touch Today Screen

The today screen on the HTC Touch is the main display on your phone that provides access to the menu and applications. There are options to create a unique today screen based on your preferences. You can change the background wallpaper to a customized image, rearrange the navigation tabs, and even change the functions of the soft keys to create a personalized home screen.


Change background image

1. Press and hold the “active” tab on the today screen on the HTC.

2. Click the “settings” tab.

3. Select “Wallpaper.”

4. Click “No” when the option appears for “Would you like to use the default wallpaper?”

5. Select the image you want to use as the background. To use a pre-loaded wallpaper, select the desired wallpaper. To use an image that you captured with the camera, select the “albums” option, the navigate to the folder and then the image that you want to set.

6. Press the “back” key to return to the today screen.

7. Make sure that the image appears on the today screen.

Rearrange Navigation Tabs

8. Press and hold the “active” tab on the today screen on the HTC.

9. Click the “settings” tab.

10. Select “Customize tabs.”

11. Select or remove the check boxes to add or remove navigation tabs on the today screen.

12. Press and slide items around the screen to the change order on the navigation tab. When finished, select “Done.”

Change Soft Key Functions

13. Press and hold the “active” tab on the today screen on the HTC and then click the “settings” tab.

Note: Soft keys are the main selectable options that appear at the bottom of the today screen.

14. Click “All Settings,” then the “personal” tab and then “buttons.”

15. Press the option for “Send key (Hold)” and then select the drop-down for “assign a program.”

16. Select a program for the soft key, press the “right arrow” and then press the “end key” tab.

17.Click “Always display the Quick List” or “Automatically execute the selected action.”

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