Customize Vans Slipons

Choose from a variety of colors for your Vans slip-ons.

The first pair of Vans slip-ons were introduced in 1979, and since then, they have stayed true to their roots. That is, until recently. In the new era of skateboarding footwear style and comfort, Vans has kicked it up a notch by allowing customers to design their own custom Vans slip-ons. For about $60, men, women and kids can pick and choose which colors, styles and other options they want added to their pair of Vans slip-ons, all with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Visit the official Vans custom site (see Resources). Select the slip-ons option. There are three styles of Vans shoes to choose from. The slip-ons are located in the middle of the three.

2. Choose from men, women, boys, youth, or toddler. Select your size. There will be a list of sizes for each gender. Select the size you desire and click the “Next” button.

3. Choose your inspiration. You will be given a few options to choose from to use as starting points for customizing your Vans slip-ons. Select the preset patterns or colors you want to start out with. Alternatively, you can start with solid white or black as a blank canvas.

4. Customize your colors. On the next screen there will be a list of drop-down menus on the right side. Each drop-down menu pertains to a different section of the Vans slip-ons and contains a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Go down the list and select your desired colors for each section of your Vans slip-ons. Spend some time experimenting with different colors and patterns.

5. Preview your customized Vans slip-ons. As you are selecting colors and patterns, there will be three different views you can look at to see what your Vans slip-ons would look like with what you have customized so far. Look at the top, side, and back views to make sure they look how you want them to before you make your final decision to purchase them.