Decorate A Boy’S Bedroom To Look Like A Garage

Save money by using items in your garage when creating a garage themed bedroom.

If your boy enjoys spending time in the garage with his father, decorate his bedroom in a garage theme. Decorating your boy’s bedroom in a garage theme allows him to enjoy spending time in his personal garage. Consider items typically found in a garage when planning decorate his bedroom–for example, tools, toolboxes and cars. These items work well as decorations in a boy’s bedroom. You do not need any special tools or skills to decorate your boy’s bedroom in a garage theme. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls in the bedroom white with interior paint, using a paintbrush and a paint roller. White walls resemble drywall often found in numerous garages. Commonly, garage walls lack color, therefore, plain white walls work well when decorating a boy’s bedroom to look like a garage.

2. Install a pegboard on the bedroom walls. Typically, a pegboard secures to the walls via screws and a screwdriver. Attach pegboard hooks and baskets to store items.

3. Install gray or stainless steel blinds as window treatments for the bedroom according to the manufacturer’s directions. Gray or stainless steel blinds resemble a metal garage door and will decorate the windows in the bedroom to suggest the look of a garage.

4. Incorporate a car bed into the garage-themed bedroom. Car bed frames come in a large variety of styles, colors and materials–for example, a small plastic toddler bed or wooden car themed bed.

5. Replace traditional dressers with large toolboxes. Toolboxes often hold tools in a garage, and can hold clothes or other items in a garage-themed bedroom.

6. Create a “work bench” by placing a sawhorse under each end of a large piece of plywood. A work bench designates a specific area for your boy to color, do homework or read.