Decorate A Boy’S Room With Motorcycles

Hang pictures of past and present motorcycles on the walls.

Many boys fantasize about cruising down the road on their motorcycles, whether they prefer a fast road bike or a souped-up Harley Davidson. Use your boy’s passion for motorcycles as the theme in his bedroom when you redecorate. Mix a variety of different bikes if he’s not partial — or create a special little hog’s heaven featuring his favorite type or brand of motorcycle, such as the kind his daddy rides. Use neutral colors throughout most of the room to make redecorating later an easy transition. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint a mural on the walls of a motorcycle on an open road with glimpses of nature flying by. Use peel-and-stick decals of a motorcycle if you can’t paint. Alternatively, paint the walls in a neutral color, such as beige or light blue, and add a wallpaper border featuring images of motorcycles from different eras. Frame pictures of motorcycles and hang them on the wall like a border if you want something fancier.

2. Furnish the room with metallic or chrome furniture if possible. For example, use a metal bed frame or a rolling toolbox as a dresser. Paint a motorcycle or logo on the headboard.

3. Hang curtains that feature motorcycles or brightly colored panels with handlebars as a curtain rod. Place a motorcycle-shaped rug in the center of the room, and use bedding that features motorcycle images, motorcycle brand logos or road signs. Novelty pillows can be shaped like bikes, tires, handlebars or other motorcycle details.

4. Decorate the walls with framed motorcycle posters or pictures or artwork that shows a pack of bikes on the open road. Hang an authentic leather jacket worn by a biker in the family, or make a custom leather jacket with the boy’s name.

5. Install chrome shelves around the room to hold motorcycle accessories, such as an upside-down helmet holding a plant, model motorcycles or old leather saddlebags to hold small electronics. Motorcycle-themed light switch covers, ceiling fans, lamps, clocks and banks are also available.