Decorate A Harleydavidson

Decorate your bike to your own tastes.

Unless you have a custom bike with your own paints, patterns and parts, you might be looking for ways to distinguish your Harley from others. One option is to decorate your Harley and add accessories. Your ride will look unique and your journeys on the road will be more comfortable.


1. Paste Harley decals on your bike. Decals are inexpensive and simple to apply. Just peel the decal off of the sticker and place it on your bike where you want it. Some decals are meant for the gas tank, while others are designed for your helmet or small corners of your windshield.

2. Customize your Harley with new parts. This might include changing out the hand grips for new grips, upgrading your shifter peg and adding a skull and chain timer cover, fuel cap or derby cover.

3. Decorate your Harley with larger-scale customized parts. Add mufflers, saddlebags, custom wheels, chrome sprockets and custom saddles. For example, some saddles have images of skulls on them. You can also add decor such as chrome and black diamondback tails to your seats.

4. Make your own decorations. If you have a name for your bike, or you want to customize it with your own name, you can create stickers or decals bearing the name. If you have a favorite image, get stickers and decals made with that image on it and use them to decorate your Harley.