Decorate Toilet Seat Covers With Wall Borders

You can use an adhesive to attach wall border to a toilet seat cover.

Wall borders can be used to decorate a wide variety of surfaces. Not only can the borders be used on walls but you can cut out designs on the border to use as a decorative motif on many small items around your home. Wall borders are similar to wallpaper, except borders come in a much smaller strip size. Borders may be pre-pasted or may require you to purchase paste. When using a wall border on a non-porous surface such as a toilet seat cover, additional paste will be required. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cut out the images or designs you wish to use on the toilet seat from the border with scissors or a craft knife. Your wall border will be flexible and can wrap around the edge of the toilet seat cover but will be more prone to wear.

2. Wet the pieces if the wall border is pre-pasted. The border will come with instructions on whether to use warm or cold water and how long to submerge each piece. This will activate the paste and soften the piece allowing more flexibility. Once the pieces are wet, apply a thin layer of the adhesive you purchased. If the wall border is not pre-pasted, use a small paint brush and brush on a thin layer of the adhesive.

3. Apply the piece of wall border on the toilet seat cover. Move and adjust the piece until it is positioned to your satisfaction. Use a clean rag and rub the piece to remove any bubbles and to secure it to the toilet seat. Start at the center and move toward the outside of the piece. Pay special attention to the edges, so they are firmly affixed to the surface of the cover.

4. Continue the process until all the pieces are attached to the toilet seat cover. Allow the wall border to completely dry before using the toilet. Once the pieces are dry, use a slightly damp rag with a mild soap to clean off any remaining adhesive.